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 January 1989

Welcome to the first edition of The CPRV Page.

The Committee to Preserve Radio Verifications was set up in 1986 to provide a depository for QSLs belonging to hobbyists who have become inactive or passed away, and to stem the loss of this interesting material. These QSLs are kept at WCSN headquarters in Boston. Among the material donated to us are veries from some of the top DXers of the past.

The CPRV Page will be used to display some of the SWBC material we have received. We want to express our thanks to cooperating ANARC clubs for giving us space for this purpose. We are going to start off this month with some interesting QSLs from our own VOA - the USCGC "Courier," KRHO in Hawaii, and the VOA in . . . Algiers!

More next time. Many thanks!