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October 1989

To Taiwan this time, a country that used to be well represented on the shortwave bands, particularly by the military. These QSL's are from Paul Karagianis, originally from Pennsylvania, then Cyprus and now the United Kingdom.

BEC24 was known as the Voice of the Armed Forces and, as the card shows, used to broadcast from Kaohsiung with 1.5 kw on 9510 kHz. There is a schedule on the back showing such programs as "Mandarin Postrum," "News Behind the Iron Curtain," "Military Literary Works" and "Anti-Communist Activity." BEC32, the Voice of the Chinese Air Force, used to broadcast with 3 kw. This QSL is from 1956. And the 1959 QSL from the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Taiwan was for a 1 kw outlet on 7215 kHz.