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November 1989

To Australia this month. The two cards at the left are from the precursors of the Australian regional stations which have been regular logs for many years. The bottom card is from VK6ME, which was located in Perth and was one of the family of three "ME" stations active in the 1930's, the other two being VK2ME in Sydney and VK3ME in Melbourne. They were operated by Amalgamated Wireless Australia. Note the distances from the station to various cities that are listed on the card. Distance in miles was a common way to "rate" a DX catch in the early days of the hobby.

The top card was used for verifying regional transmissions after the formation of the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

Australia's entrance into international broadcasting was on December 20, 1939 when the ABC's "Australia Calling" service was inaugurated using two low-powered AWA transmitters near Sydney and a 2 kw Australian Post Office station at Lyndhurst near Melbourne. The service took the now-familiar name Radio Australia six years later. The QSL shown is from 1941.