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July 1989

To the Dutch Indies this month.

NIROM was the Dutch broadcasting network on Java, the long-ago precursor of today's RRI (Radio Republik Indonesia). Batavia was the Dutch name for present-day Djakarta. This NIROM card was a generic verification, used in the 30's to verify different NIROM locations. This one is for a report on YDB-Soerabala (as it was spelled then), 9550 kHz. It was reported as using 1 kw. In the CPRV collection, we have an identical NIROM card verifying reception of PLP, Bandoeng, 11000 kHz. That card belonged to Glenn Atkins, father of DXer Gary Atkins.

You could also verify PLP direct, as August Balbi did. He received the card shown here, from Java Wireless Station PLP, which was reported as often relaying YDB. It used 1.5 kw.

The card from Radio Omroep Nieuw Guinea is an undated verification from Al Niblack's collection, and probably dates from the mid 50's. "Hollandia" is crossed out and the town's "new" name of Biak is typed in. This station started life as YDZ, operating out of a shack left behind by the U.S. arm3d forces after WW II. Two Netherlands Army sergeant majors began broadcasting musical programs using a 350-watt transmitter. The station eventually developed into a 5 kw operation on 7190 kHz.