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January 1990

Hey, what are these "contemporary" veries doing on The Page?! Heck, I'm old enough to actually remember a couple of these stations.

The card from Radio Salas is a reminder that Cuba used to have a goodly number of private shortwave stations, many of them, like Salas, operating in the 9000-9500 kHz. "out of 31 meter" band. This card is from 1941, but they were still on the air in 1959 when I heard 'em. They remained active until "you know who" took over.

Sharp eyed old timers may recognize the call letters on this 1947 card from La Voz del Yuna--HI2T and HI3T. Correct! Those were two of the calls used by La Voz Dominicana, the main 50's Dominican Republic shortwave broadcaster into which Yuna apparently metamorphosized. La Voz's card even looked a little like this one. This veri shows Yuna on 7275 kHz., a strange frequency for a Latin even back then. Station lists from those days confirm that as their frequency, however. The main channels for La Voz were 5970 and 9735.

Ah yes, Radio Caribe, also late of the Dominican Republic. This one came on the air from Ciudad Trujillo around 1960 using 6090 and 9505 kHz. Although they professed to be a private station, they served as the voice of the Trujillos until they were driven from power. I still have a newspaper clipping showing faithful listeners stoning the Radio Caribe building during the regime's last days.