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April 1990

Some more Latins this month.

Venezuelan YV5RD reportedly used four gongs before announcements, which were multi-lingual.

Unlike today, there weren't many Brazilians on shortwave back in the old days, but one that was widely heard was PSH in Marapicu. It was known as Radio Internacional do Brazil, it broadcast from 1800-1900 EST, and it gave its call letters phonetically as "Peter, Samuel, Harris."

Colombian "La Voz de Barranquilla" operated in the mornings and evenings on various channels. This veri says 6450, but it was also reported on 4770, 4807, 6115, 9555 and other nearby frequencies.

XESF was one of loads of Mexican stations on shortwave in the 30's and 40's. Morelia MW channel XEKW is still on the air, according to the WRTH.