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July 1990

To Europe this month . . . The card at the top (left and right) is from Radio Centre, precursor of today's Radio Moscow. All the Soviet stations had "R" call letters in those days (1938), and 12,000 kHz. was station RNE. Note the photo of Uncle Joe in the bottom flag.

The cards from HAT-Hungary, and its sister station, HAS, are among the most unusual I have seen--real prize winners. The HAT and HAS cards, printed in red, black and green, each had a small photo pasted in the center of the card, making the cards quite distinctive. This one is from 1938.

And you have to wonder whether things change all that much when you see that, in 1945, Iceland (bottom) was broadcasting just 60 kHz. from their long time frequency of 12175 kHz.