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November 1991

This month to a place that has been in the news lately: Yugoslavia, where the broadcasting scene continues to retain some mystery, even in these days of 250 kw. transmitters.

The top card was sent to well known DXer Ray LaRocque in his capacity as representative of the Quixote Radio Club, a well known club back in those days. Their attempt to batch some reports was apparently unsuccesful. If they weren't issuing QSLs at the time, they started to soon thereafter, as the middle card for January 1 and 28, 1939 reception shows. The frequency was 6100 kHz. (sound familiar?) It was only 1 kw. at that time, however.

At the bottom is a letter of later vintage: 1950. Note the political message at the bottom: "Death to Fascism --Liberty to the People."