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 June 1991

If you think about the early days of Costa Rican shortwave, the first station that will come to mind is TI4NRH in Heredia, which was well chronicled in the May 1990 PopComm. But there have been many other shortwavers in that country, and several of them are shown here.

TIMC, Radio Guanacaste in Liberia, Costa Rica broadcast on 6200 kHz. when it issued this QSL letter in 1953.

In 1938, TILS called itself Broadcasting Station "Para Ti" and transmitted from San Jose on 5900 kHz. SW and 880 MW.

And the two QSL's at the bottom are from TIGPH, Station "ALMA TICA," which used to transmit on 5830 kHz. and 650 MW.