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September 1991

This veri from CR6AA in Angola (7045 kHz.) is from 1952, but the station commenced operation long before that. Angola eventually became a prime target for east coast DXers. Nothing was quite so exciting as the sound of the Portuguese national anthem, "A Portuguesa," in the late afternoon on 41 or 60 meters. It always meant good DX.

For many years the Norwegian student "Uke-sender" transmitted for a few weeks each year on shortwave. I'm not sure if they still broadcast, but I haven't seen any loggings of them (much less QSLs) in many years. Here's what their QSL looked like in 1952.

There were a lot more SW stations operating
in South America in 1944 than today. Here is a QSL from Radio Cooperativa Vitalicia, Valparaiso.