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October 1992

Spain was an interesting DX target in shortwave's early days. EAQ, Radiodifusion Ibero Americana, Madrid, was the main station. It used 20 kw. and was well heard on 9870 kc. There were many private broadcasters as well, however, especially in the 7 mc. range.

QSL's from two are shown here: Radio Mediterraneo, Valencia, which operated on 6995 kc. until the late 1950's, and R. Juventud, Cadiz, which was on 7200. The Cadiz QSL shows a mosque, but it's so faded that it's barely visible (let alone reproduceable).

The bottom QSL is from Radio Raquete, San Sebastian. It became one of the main rebel stations during the Spanish Civil War. The QSL contains a photo of Generalisimo Franco on the front.