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November 1992

The Portuguese colonies were always a favorite target of DXers, as was the mother country.

CT1AA was known as Radio Colonial--not to be confused with the early French station of the same name--and operated on 9600 kc/s. According to this QSL, they broadcast on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2130-2400 GMT with 2 kw. and an IS of three cookoo calls.

As the middle card shows, Radio Renascenca, which is still on shortwave (albeit not with 500 watts), was already in operation by 1946. The frequency of 6155 kc/s was used for many years, and I remember hearing the station there myself in the late 50's.

The bottom card is a 1948 veri from the government station, Emissora Nacional, which used a generally similar QSL design for many years thereafter.