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February 1992

Pitcairn was settled by mutineers from the H.M.S. Bounty in 1787. In the 1920's the islanders obtained a receiver and a small spark xmtr for local use, but the signal didn't really get out until a group of hams and radio manufacturers visited the island in 1938 to give them new equipment. So was born ham station VR6AY. VR6AY was at least a utility station as well, and perhaps even SWBC, depending on your definition.

From the May 1938 edition of All Wave Radio: "Several programs from Pitcairn, the first of which was broadcast on March 15, have been rebroadcast over NBC networks. For these commercial contacts, VR6AY usually utilizes a frequency of 15.32 mc's, while KKW (13.78) is the Bolinas, Caif. end of the circuit."

In 1960 it was reported that transcribed Radio Bible Class services were being broadcast from VR6AC on Tuesdays at "0900 PM" on 14135. Were there any actual loggings of this, or was it just another element of the mystery of this most remote of DX lands?