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March 1992

Alas, Fiji is one of those places that has disappeared from the SWBC bands after a long shortwave history.

At the top is the card with which many DXers were rewarded in the mid-1930s. The station tested at one time on 8720 kHz., but eventually it settled on 9540, which is where it was heard by many U.S. DXers in the morning hours, closing at 1000 GMT with "God Save The King."

The card in the middle was used from the late 30s into the 40s. At that time the station was on 6130 kHz., equipped for 10 kw. but actually using only 500 watts. Its purpose was to carry the ZJV-920 medium wave programming to the outlying islands.

The one at the bottom is a colorful, nicely designed card in red, yellow and green. It is not mine, but I have one just like it from 1960, one of my all time "best logs." I can still remember the 3:00 a.m. call from my late high school DX friend, Alan Roth, Bridgeport, CT, getting me out of bed to log this rare (on the east coast) 250-watter on 5980 kHz. I never was able to explain that call to my parents.