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February 1993

This month's illustrations are all from the same station, but they beIong (top to bottom) to Dxers Ray LaRoque, Russ Mappin, Dick Daneker and yours truly, respectively.

The station is Cuban COKG. The earliest QSL--I believe from 1935--is the second from the top, when the station was known as Laboratorlo Radio-electrico, call letters CO9GC.

The top card Is from 1936 (note the reference, "antes [formerly] CO9GC"), and the third card from the top is from 1938.

The bottom card Is not a QSL as such, but a colorful postcard that I found at a paper show. The common element to all these QSL's is rum--Bacardi rum, to be exact. The top and bottom cards refer to "Cuna (Cradle] del Bacardi," the second card has the words "Ask For Bacardi" emblazoned across it, and the third card promotes the "Hora Bacardi" program. The bottom card is more rum than radio.

Should Bacardi be proclaimed the hobby's "official" tuning oil?!