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August 1993

This is a country that many of us can remember easily. and that we thought would be around forever. Grenada was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1496. It passed back and forth between France and England until the 1783 Treaty of Versailles settled the matter in favor of the British. It became the headquarters of the British Windward Islands from 1885, and joined the West Indies Federation in 1958 (the federation was dissolved In 1962). After a coup by Maurice Bishop's New Jewel Movement in 1979, the country followed a Marxist line until Bishop was deposed by more radical colleagues in 1983 and the U.S. invaded.

The Windward Islands Broadcasting Service was a regular on 5010, 11970 and several 15 MHz channels from the 50's. It became Radlo Grenada, then "Radio Free Grenada," then, after the invasion, Radio Grenada again, by which time the shortwave transmitter became a victim of the fighting and Grenada went off shortwave.