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May 1995

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with CPRV, let me reintroduce ourselves. The Committee to Preserve Radio Verifications is a five-person committee of the Association of North American Radio Clubs (ANARC). Our goal is to preserve for the future those QSL cards and letters that belonged to hobbyists who have passed away, or that are still in the possession of those no longer active in the hobby

Our concentration is on shortwave broadcast and medium wave QSLs. We have approximately 27,000 veries in our files (including duplicates) which are located at the Boston headquarters of the Christian Science Monitor, parent organization of U.S. shortwave station WSHB. We offer two services: the archiving of QSLs, and the Registered Collections Program, whereby we make available to hobbyists special stickers conveying the wish that their QSLs be donated to CPRV when the time comes. These stickers can be placed on QSL albums or wherever else QSLs are kept. Full details on both services can be had from yours truly for a business-size, stamped, self-addressed envelope sent to the address shown above.

Some day I hope we will be able to exhibit the best of the CPRV collection in a book or other useful medium. Right now, most of our effort goes into locating old collections that need a new home. If you know of any such collections, I would welcome hearing from you. In the meantime, each month "The CPRV Page" features some usually long-forgotten QSLs that have come our way and that we are pleased to show you.

My thanks to fellow CPRV members Kent Corson, Gerry L. Dexter, Tom Gavaras, and Registered Collections Coordinator John C. Herkimer, and to the clubs who feature "The Page" each month. And special thanks to those who have donated their collections to us or utilized the Registered Collections Program. It is they who have made CPRV a success.