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September 1995

Few shortwave targets have been more sought after than the Maldives, a coral archipelago of nearly 2,000 islands covering an area 475 miles long by 80 miles wide in the Indian Ocean. Radio broadcasting started there in 1964 and continued through the years under various names, i.e. Male Radio, Male Cineco Radio, Maldive Is. Broadcasting Service, Radio Maldives, and the Voice of Maldives The station was on SW for most of those years, and while it offered broad coverage of South Asia via its clear nighttime channel of 4740 kHz (later 4754), it was a rare catch at more distant locations notwithstanding its use, at one point, of five SW frequencies and a 30 kw xmtr, Alas, the Maldives left shortwave in the early 80's, and although tests on 7350 kHz were reported in May 1994, the station now seems back on MW only. [Some of the above from NASWA FRENDX, March 1973]