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January 1996

This column brings to an end seven years of "The CPRV Page." I have very much enjoyed displaying some of the material in the CPRV collection. My hobby time needs some reapportioning, however, and so "The Page" must yield to other things.

The good news is that CPRV is alive and very well, we now have over 28,000 QSL's under roof (including duplicates, of course), among them much material of historical significance. An example is this month's featured QSL. The signer of the letter--Edwin H. Armstrong--was the discoverer of the principle of regeneration, the inventor of superheterodyne radio receiver, and--if that were not enough--the inventor of FM. This veri is from his own FM station, W2XMN.

CPRV archives QSL's at Christian Science Monitor headquarters in Boston, and offers a Registered Collections program whereby you can obtain stickers, like the one at the upper left, for affixing to your QSL collection. For further information on either service, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the address at the top of the page.

I would like to thank the clubs that have carried "The Page" over the years, and the DXers who have donated their collections to us and used the Registered Collections service. I would also like to thank my fellow CPRV committee members, who have helped to make CPRV a stable and permanent hobby entity. They are Kent Corson of Iowa, Gerry Dexter of Wisconsin, Tom Gavaras of Minnesota, and John Herkimer of New York. John is due special thanks for heading up the Registered Collections Program.

If we can be of assistance to you in any aspect of your QSLing, please contact us. We are here to help.