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Here are some memories from Jerry Berg of the 1982 Falklands war in which 736 Argentines and 255 British were killed and over 2,000 wounded. While the British were on their way to the scene, they created Radio Atlantico del Sur, transmitted via Ascension on 9710 kHz. The Argentines had "Liberty" (or "Argentine Annie" as she was called) on 17740. Both stations could be heard easily in the United States, and QSLs were forthcoming from both. After the war, the Falkland Islands Broadcasting Station returned to the air on or near 3958 kHz., where it had been heard fairly regularly before the conflict. This recording was made on March 23, 1983, circa 1000 UTC (listen for the IDs at :11 and 1:35). For several years, the British Forces Broadcasting Service used 3958 kHz. on a time-shared basis before going all FM, and reports sent to BFBS in London and in the Falklands brought friendly replies from both in 1987.

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Radio Atlantico del Sur, via Ascension, 9710 kHz

Radio Atlantico del Sur, 9710 kHz., March 27, 1982, 2300 UTC. [3:08]

"Liberty" (or "Argentine Annie"), 17740 kHz

"Liberty," 17740 kHz., April 30, 1982, c.0015 UTC. [7:00]

The Falkland Islands Broadcasting Station, 3958 kHz

FIBS, 3958 kHz., March 23, 1983, 0943+1002 UTC. [1:42]

British Forces Broadcasting Service, 3958 kHz, reply direct from Falkland Islands.
British Forces Broadcasting Service, 3958 kHz, reply from London.