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Arthur J. Green died at home on July 21, 1980 after an illness of one year. He is buried outside the city of East Liverpool in Calcutta United Presbyterian Cemetery. I suppose that it is fitting that the founder of shortwave DX clubs should be buried in Calcutta. The small village of Calcutta is a suburb of East Liverpool. At one time it was an extremely small village, but it currently sits at the exit of the Ohio Route 11 freeway (running from Ashtabula through Youngstown to East Liverpool) and Ohio Route 170. This location has recently seen considerable suburban retail shopping plaza development because of its proximity to the freeway exit. Thus, a K-Mart and a Wendy's now occupy the vicinity of Green's grave. A Rax Roast Beef was under construction very near the cemetery when I visited it. The Calcutta cemetery is a moderately sized burial ground next to the Presbyterian Church.

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Calcutta Cemetery Sign