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Ken Boord was one of the best known DX editors in the United States, having written columns over the years for Radio News, Electronics World, DXing Horizons and other publications, and authored a great 1956 DX handbook, "The World At A Twirl," which is the name he used for many of his columns. (Ken was also the leader of a round robin "Flasheet" of which Jerry Berg was a member back in the late 1950s and early 1960s.) Among Ken's avocations was that of organist at the Spruce Street Methodist Church in Morgantown, West Virginia. Ken arranged for a half-hour Easter special to be broadcast on behalf of DXing Horizons magazine over 4VEH, Cap Haitien, Haiti on April 16 and 18, 1960, the program featuring Ken at the organ, plus singing by the church choir. It was also carried on HCJB's "Caribbean Call" on April 15, 1960. Here is a recording of the HCJB program along with some pages from DXing Horizons notifying readers of the program, a DXH cover showing Ken, and a QSL that Jerry Berg received for the 4VEH broadcast. In addition to the music, Ken is heard introducing the songs. It is a small memorial to one of the hobby's greats.

Ken Boord - HCJB Special Broadcast, April 15, 1960, 15115 and 17890 kc. [29:30]
  • The cover of the March 1960 DXing Horizons showing Ken Boord.
  • A color photo of Ken Boord.
  • A page from the March 1960 DXing Horizons promoting the program
  • A page from the April 1960 DXing Horizons with a "Flash" that the program would be on HCJB as well as 4VEH.
  • A QSL card from 4VEH verifying the special Ken Boord program.