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SPANISH RECEPTION LOG CARD - Our friend in Uruguay, Horacio Nigro, sends along two scans of a Philco Spanish language log card, about 6-1/2 x 3-1/2", designed for medium wave.

The front was used to help the listener log various Montevideo and Buenos Aires MW stations, and make entries along a series of vertical rulers showing kilocycles and a list of stations (circa 1930) ("Broadcastings Montevideo Buenos Aires"), apparently a Philco receiver dial scale ("Escala Philco"), other stations ("Broadcastings varias"), and meters ("Metros"). Handwritten in pencil are this listener's dial numbers and voice-filament and selectivity settings (a phrase appears vertically on the left side of the card, "numeros dial y voz-filamentos y selectividad").

The back of the card contains typewriten and handwritten entries of stations received, and dial settings. (Horacio Nigro, Uruguay)