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Radio Canada Shortwave Club LP

Here is a special Radio Canada Shortwave Club LP recording produced in 1974 by Ian McFarland, producer and co-host of the Radio Canada Shortwave Club. Copies were offered as a prize in an RCI Shortwave Club survey contest. (Some copies were also available at various DX gatherings.)

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Side 1

1. Introduction - Jim Coward, host of the Radio Canada Shortwave Club.

2. World DX Friendship Year 1973 - This special edition of the Radio Canada Shortwave Club program was originally broadcast on October 6, 1973 to mark this special year in the hobby of shortwave listening. Included are comments and greetings from Harry Van Gelder (Radio Nederland), Reg Kennedy and Henry Hatch (BBC), Arne Skoog (Radio Sweden), and Arthur Cushen (Radio New Zealand).

3. Transmitting Antennas - This is an explanation of how the transmitting antennas used by shortwave broadcasters are slewed and reversed to alter the direction in which the signal is being transmitted.

Side 2

4. Shortwave Receiver Specifications - This is an explanation of the six most important specifications of a shortwave receiver which should be considered before making a choice as to which receiver you're going to buy.

5. Interference - One of the constant problems faced by a shortwave listener is interference on the various international broadcast bands. Here are 14 examples of the most commonly encountered types of interference are given, along with advice on the best way to counteract them, or get rid of them completely.

6. Northern Lights - One of the natural phenomena that affects shortwave transmissions is the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. Here is an explanation of just what the Northern Lights are and how they affect shortwave transmissions.

7. Closing Message - Ian McFarland, Producer and co-host of the Radio Canada Shortwave Club.