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"For Shortwave Listeners" & "Rarest DX in the World"

It is not unusual to find recordings of old shortwave stations, but there aren't many with studio-quality audio, which is what you will find on these two LPs. The first, "For Shortwave Listeners," was issued in 1964, and was followed in 1967 with the second album, "The Rarest DX in the World." The content is a mix of stations of various sizes and "DXability," but with an emphasis on some of the more interesting stations of the day. The records were issued by SWL Records of Culver City, California, a company founded by a member of the American Shortwave Listeners Club. Click to enlarge the album covers, which contain details about individual tracks; and note the index numbers below, with which you can locate individual tracks. Some of these recordings include English-language IDs that ordinarily you might not have been able to hear over the air during your particular DX window.

"For Shortwave Listeners" (1964)

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Side A
(1) Radio La Cruz del Sur, La Paz, Bolivia [00:00]
(2) Radio Demarara, Georgetown, British Guiana [03:01]
(3) ETLF, Radio Voice of the Gospel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia [04:22]
(4) Kol Zion, Jerusalem, Israel [05:57]
(5) Radiodiffusion Mationale Malgache, Tananarive, Madagascar [07:55]
(6) Radio Clube de Mozambique, Lourenco Marques, Mozambique [10:00]
(7) Radio Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan [12:19]
(8) Solomon Islands Broadcasting Service, Honiara, British Solomon Islands [14:00]
(9) Voice of Free China, Taipei, Taiwan [19:19]

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Side B
(1) Radio Clube de Goiania, Goiania, Brazil [00:00]
(2) Radio Berlin International, East Berlin, East Germany [01:41]
(3) Finnish Broadcasting Co., Helsinki, Finland [03:09]
(4) Radio Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq [06:06]
(5) XEUDS, Radio Universidad de Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico [07:48]
(6) Northern Rhodesia Broadcasting Corp., Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia [10:32]
(7) Far East Broadcasting Co., Manila, Philippines [12:51]
(8) Sudan Broadcasting Service, Omdurman, Sudan [14:13]
(9) Voice of Free Korea, Seoul, Korea [17:50]

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"Rarest DX in the World" (1964)

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Side A
(1) Radio Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal [00:00]
(2) Radio Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand [04:10]
(3) Fiji Broadcasting Commission, Suva, Fiji [07:09]
(4) Voice of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya [09:53]
(5) Radiodiffusion du Togo, Lome, Togo [11:57]
(6) Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service, Freetown, Sierra Leone [16:55]
(7) Radiodiffusion-Television Belge, Brussels, Belgium [18:27]

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Side B
(1) Radio Vietnam, Saigon, South Vietnam [00:00]
(2) Radio Hong Kong, Hong Kong [3:45]
(3) Radio Wewak (VL9CD), Wewak, Papua New Guinea [04:19]
(4) Voice of Tarawa /Gilbert & Ellice Islands Broadcasting Service (VTW2), Tarawa [07:35]
(5) Radio Cook Islands, Rarotonga, Cook Islands [12:36]
(6) Radio Mauritania, Nouakchott, Mauritania [16:22]
(7) Radio Andorra, Roc Des Anellettes, Andorra [18:01]

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