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Although radio often plays an important part in the lives of DXers, we seldom have the opportunity to learn their personal stories in depth. An exception is the late Tom Williamson of Hamilton, Ontario. In "Across Time--And Space: Listening for Sixty Years From Four Continents," Tom tells how radio fit into his life, first during his years in England, and then (from 1966) in Canada. Tom began listening in 1935 when, "aroused from my slumber by an excited father, I tumbled downstairs with my mother to 'hear America' on the family radio." In a lively and highly readable style, Tom, who was a physician, discusses early radio equipment, describes how he learned about DXing, tells what listening was like in wartime (where he performed military service in North Africa), and describes his many armchair and real life radio adventures. His extensive discussion of the stations he heard over the decades--mostly shortwave broadcast, but also mediumwave and utilities--is presented in an historical context, illustrated with many of the QSLs he received. Tom does a great job describing what DXing was like over the many years that he was active, and also offers a few "sunset reflections."

The 99 page book, written in 1996 and published by the Ontario DX Association, is available for download below. Thanks to Tom, and Harold Sellers of ODXA, for their permission to post this interesting telling of one man's radio story.