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Stations • Recordings • QSLs & Other Station Memorabilia

SWLing & DXing • Clubs & Publications • Lists, Logs, Guides & Columns • Equipment & Advertising

Literature & Humor • People • Philately • POW Monitoring • General Radio History
Stations  --  Articles, booklets, promotional items, schedules, references, photos, etc. about stations and broadcasting organizations, mainly shortwave but some broadcast band as well.
Recordings  --  Recordings, mostly ID recordings made off air, plus recordings of some notable events, and some studio-quality recordings.
QSLs and Other Station Memorabilia
  --  Many of our QSLs are in “The CPRV Gallery,” but there are some here as well, along with other non-QSL items about stations, such as cards, trinkets, pamphlets, station certificates, EKKO stamps and other station “cinderellas” (non-postage stamps), plus applause cards, articles about QSLing and other ephemera.
SWLing & DXing  --  Articles and pamphlets about listening, reception reporting, and professional monitoring; also SWL cards, WPE callsigns, Boys’ Life Radio Club.
Clubs & Publications  --  Listeners stayed in touch with one another through clubs and DX columns in various magazines.  Here are club bulletins and other club-related publications, club histories, articles about clubs, news about magazine-related clubs, etc.
Lists, Logs, Guides & Columns  --  Mostly stand-alone items issued by a myriad of groups; numerous “logs” containing lists of stations, booklets about listening and DXing, radio maps, articles and publications about DXing, “how to” items, radio “wheels.”
Equipment & Advertising
  --  Information about receivers, antennas and other gear--spec sheets, manufacturers’ catalogs, instructions, promotional material and history, equipment reviews, how to get the most from your listening setup.
Literature & Humor  --  Postcards, stories, Charlie Loudenboomer, radio humor.
People  --  Articles and publications by and about well-known DXers, information on club members, history, reminiscences,
Philately  --  Radio-related stamps, first-day covers, poster stamps, and other philatelic items.
POW Monitoring  --  Articles about monitoring POW messages during World War II and later, report cards used by monitors and thank you cards from families, recorded messages.
General Radio History
  --  General broadcasting memorabilia, early radio, Foreign Broadcast Information Service and other professional monitoring, future of shortwave, apex broadcasting.