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Long time DXer Jim Cumbie of Dallas, Texas has sent along some interesting magazine articles about early radio:

Early radio on railroad trains (pg. 1, pg. 2) in Canada (Radio News, August 1925).

An interesting article about the Radio News station WRNY, which was MW only when this article appeared in August 1925 but which later went on shortwave as W2XAY (in 1928). Note the information about EKKO stamps.

A sample of Capt. Hall's Short-Wave Page (pg. 1, pg. 2) with some interesting info about QSLs and a day at the dials back in January 1935 (from Radio News).

More Capt. Hall info (pg.1, pg. 2), from September 1936 (Radio News).

Info about the Dutch longwave stn PCG from the May 1927 edition of Radio News. Note the references to the difficulties in communicating with the East Indies (Indonesia) using longwave (as opposed to the relative ease and reliability they could have experienced with shortwave). As Jim observes, an interesting element of early radio history is that many inventors and wireless stations really did not understand exactly what they had and how to use it most effectively.

And finally, a list of world shortwave stations from Radio News, October 1935. Thanks, Jim!