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25th Anniversary History - A history of the Newark News Radio Club that was published in the NNRC bulletin to commemorate the club's 25th anniversary in 1952. It focussed on the club's origins from 1928 into the 1930s.

40th Anniversary History - Another history of the Newark News Radio Club, written on the occasion of the club's 40th Anniversary in 1967. The first two pages of this history are nearly identical to the first two pages of the 25th Anniversary history (1952) that we posted earlier. The rest is new material, and covers the story from 1952 to the mid-1960s.

50th Anniversary History - An item from the October 1977 NNRC Bulletin written at the time of the club's 50th Anniversary celebration in Newark. This is less a history than a musing, with some interesting thoughts about the future. (The NNRC closed its doors in April 1982.)

"Two Decades of Service to DX-ers" - Here is another history written by Carleton Lord and appearing in the December 1947 edition of the NNRC Bulletin.  This is a slightly more personal account, and gives a good picture of the club's early days.  It was written 20 years after the club was founded, and 12 years after publication of the first NNRC Bulletin.  (I believe the author's reference to October 1, 1934 as the start date for the NNRC bulletin is incorrect.  It appears that six issues of the NNRC club magazine, The Dialist, appeared between June 1934 and April 1935.  The magazine was replaced with the NNRC Bulletin, the first issue of which is dated September 30, 1935.)


Back in 1937, NNRC Director Peter J. McKenna of Livingston, NJ had the idea of producing a series of 3x5" cards containing a photo of the member on the front, and something about the member and his or her hobby interests on the back. The call for snapshots went out in the NNRC bulletin, and soon a series of photo cards was published. I have almost 50 of them, featuring such well known (mainly MW) hobby names of the day as Hank Tyndall, Bob Botzum, Lloyd Hahn, and Carroll and Ruth Weyrich. It is fascinating to read about the DXploits of these early DXers, and to try to catch their spirit.


Thanks to long time NNRC member Reuben Dagold for sending along a photo of the Baltimore contingent taken at the summer 1956 NNRC Convention. Those shown are, L-R: back row, Reuben Dagold, Matt Zahner, Carroll Weyrich and Bill Bauer; front row, Roy Wheaton, and Mario (Matt) Stutterheim at the right. Old time NNRCers will surely remember these names. (Thanks to Mario Stutterheim for later identifying the person to his right as Roy Wheaton of Boston.)

Irving Potts was the President and guiding light of the NNRC from 1930 until he passed away in 1962. Among the papers of the late Carroll Weyrich was an obituary of Irving Potts which focuses on his NNRC activities.