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LeRoy Waite, NNRC Amateur Radio Editor

A name that will be easily recognized by senior DXers is LeRoy Waite of Ballston Spa, New York. Roy was born in 1900. He worked for the Post Office as a temporary clerk-letter carrier from 1918 to 1925, when he achieved permanent status. He was with the Post Office until his retirement in 1959. Roy was married, with one daughter. He started out in radio by listening to WGY on a homemade crystal set, soon graduating to a two-tube RCA Radiola III regenerative set. His interest in shortwave began in 1928 when he heard shortwave broadcasters G5SW in England and PCJ in Holland. A couple of years later he was using a shortwave kit receiver and became interested in amateur band listening. Over the years he used a variety of receivers--GE M-81 (8-tube all-wave superhet, introduced in 1934), "Scott 23" (presumably the Allwave 23, 1935), Hallicrafters SX-24 (1939), National HRO-7 (1947), Hallicrafters SX-100 (1955), and Drake 2B (1961).

The NNRC bulletin inaugurated an amateur radio section in May 1946, and Earl R. Roberts of Indianapolis, IN was appointed editor. Roberts was succeeded by Sheldon Dunham, Cary, North Carolina, in October 1950. Dunham was assisted by Roy through February 1952, when Dunham had to give up the column as college beckoned. By then Roy was already editing most of the column, and he assumed full editorial duties in March. Over the years he was assisted by a number of members who handled VHF and competition subsections.

On April 9, 1969 Roy suffered a stroke. It affected his right side, and he had to relinquish his editorial duties. Lavoyd Kuney served briefly until Jerry Heien of Bellwood, IL was appointed new amateur editor in July. The April bulletin was the last one in which Roy edited the full amateur section. Roy passed away in 1983.

(Below) Views of Roy's DX den, probably circa 1941. The receiver shown is a Hallicrafters SX-24.

Roy Waite was editor of the NNRC amateur radio section from March 1952 until April 1969. Here are the first and last columns he edited for NNRC:

(Below) Roy's SWL card.
(Below) This 1941 card indicates Roy's affiliation with "Rueda del Oeste," a name applied to various informal radio groups in South America. The "WA8U" call was most likely an informal designator of some kind, rather than a ham call.