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January 1994

As observed in an earlier column, Colombia was the source of many interesting SWBC signals. A 1939 station list supplied by the Minister of Mails and Telegraphs and published in the Summer Issue of RADEX revealed a high ratio of SW stations--21 out of 58--in operation at the time. Stations were classified as cultural, local, regional, and International. Most of the shortwave outlets were in the 500-750 watt range. The call letter prefix, then as now, was HJ, followed by a number designating the province, and then three letters. Regular four-letter calls had replaced the "number and letter" calls by 1940. The card from HJ3ABD, Emisora Nueva Granada, is a Christmas card from 1936. The Emisora Sur-America card is from 1940 and the one from the still-active Radio Bucaramanga is from 1938.