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March 1990

To Spain this month. The Spanish Civil War was still going on in 1938 when these were received by Art Hankins. As reported in the January 1937 Radio News, "Shortly after hostilities broke out, the Spanish rebels seized EAJ5 at Seville, and immediately began broadcasting propaganda, war news, claims of victory, and other military news meant for the public. . . . Within one week every major broadcasting station in Spain was directly controlled by either the Rebels or the Loyalists."

The verie at the lower right says Salamanca, but "Burgos" is penned in on the back. Salamanca was the site of Radio Internacional, which was well heard and often reported on 10370 kHz.

The larger card is a schedule that was sent separately and that lists some of the Spanish SW stations of the day: FET1, Valladolid, 7008 kHz; Radio Espana in Bilbao, 7248 and San Sebastian, 7204 (variously known as Radio San Sebastian and Radio Journal); Radio Nacional in Madrid on 6750 and 7050 (also) calling itself Radio Norte); EA9BJ in Alcazarquivir, Spanish Morocco on 7125; FET5, Burgos, 7351; EA8AE, Las Palmas (Canaries), 7152; EA2BH, Jaca (Spain), 14115 and 7717; and EA9AH, Tetuan (Spanish Morocco), 13982. And there were many others. The broadcasting scene appears to have been as chaotic as the politics and the fighting, but a DXer's delight. We'll come back to EA9AH, and the Spanish foreign service (EAQ), another time.