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June 1990

Can you imagine a shortwave station that has gone 60 years without a change in call letters or a change in
purpose? That continues to be a good friend of listeners and DXers? And that maintains high standards in verifying reports? That's HCJB, which began broadcasting in 1931. It was founded by the two persons whose names appear at the bottom of the card shown above (at right)--Clarence W. Jones and Reuben Larson. Larson had been a missionary in Ecuador for a number of years and had felt that radio had much potential in missionary work. Jones had had radio experience in religious broadcasting in Chicago, and likewise became interested in radio in the mission field. While Larson was on furlough, the two men met and discovered their common interest.

The rest, as they say, is history. When Larson returned to Ecuador he convinced the government to give him
a 25-year license for a 200 watt station. It began transmitting on 4107 kHz. on Christmas Day, 1931. From the
October 1933 Radio News: "They are on the air every day except Monday from 8 to 9:30 p.m. (Quito time is 14 minutes behind EST). . . . The station identifies itself in Spanish and in English, with a two-tone chime."

HCJB is in fact the oldest station in the country because it was the first station in Ecuador to carry regular programming. A MW channel was soon added, as was a 10 kw. xmtr on 12455 kHz. 4107 kHz. was upgraded to 1 kw., and continued in operation until 1948.

These QSL's are HCJB classics. In the upper left is a card that is well known to many of us who began our SW listening in the 50's and 60's. The others are of earlier origin.

There is another interesting bit of SW history in this month's column. The card in the upper left belongs to Robert Hankins. The other two cards belong to his dad, Arthur D. Hankins. Both have contributed their cards to CPRV. How many other cases are there where DX skills have been passed along from father to son?