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July 1992

Swedish SWL's have always been among the most active in the world. Even in the early years of radio, Sweden had the largest number of radio licenses to population of any European country. Over the years, Sweden has been able to boast a large number of shortwave hobbyists, many of whom have been among the world's best. Arne Skoog was one of the early names in the SW art in Sweden, eventually becoming the editor of "Sweden Calling DXers" and a household name to DXers of the 50's. He is shown at the right in the top card, which is a QSL issued by the Universal Radio DX Club for a special URDXC program over Radio Sweden in 1956. The URDXC, which was founded in 1933 and lasted into the 60's, itself had a long and interesting history in the SW hobby.