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July 1995

To the island of Hispaniola this month, with Haiti on the west side of the island, la Republica Dominicana on the east.

Except for infrequent gasps from 4VEH, Haiti has now left shortwave. Though never widely represented on the air, over the years there were usually at least a few stations as DX targets. I can remember Radio Haiti (middle card) back in 1958, and the station's friendly-to-SWLs head personality, Herb Widmaier. C. Ricardo Widmaier-- Herb's father?--was listed as the station's Director General in the WRTH's of the day, and in the bottom card we can see a card signed by Ricardo more than 20 years earlier. This is a card that was used both for amateur and broadcast transmissions from the same station.

The Dominican Republic was well represented in earlier days, and one of the stations whose ritmos I recall is the 90 meter bander Radio Hit Musical.