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August 1995

A diversion into medium wave this month for an example of a phenomenon that was popular in the early days of DXing: club-arranged special broadcasts from foreign MW stations. Here is a 1937 clipping about a second NNRC special from Brazilian station PRF3, the first of which brought in 230 reports. Shortwave stations also had such broadcasts from time to time.

I would like to suggest that we are not doing ourselves or our QSLs any favors by mounting them directly on what are sometimes called "magnetic" pages, i.e. the album pages with adhesive ribs. These may be all right for photographs, which are on heavier stock, but they are often deadly to regular cards and letters. The adhesive gets stronger with age, and it eventually becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to remove things without damage. Use a paper backing under the card or letter, or, better yet, use old~fashioned mounting corners. They permit you to mount the card with no damage, now or in the future. You can even buy corners made of clear plastic and mount things directly onto clear plastic pages for viewing of both sides.